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Fight for your health

2013 Karl H. Hellmann was clinically dead for 8h and worked out his 2nd medical sensation at May 2015


He is now

  • better than new born
  • better trained than ever
  • free of four strong pharmaceutical drugs and his
  • „chronic“ heart weakness is worked out.

This is not a miracle but caused by consequent transformation of his own lean STRATEGY-methodology.

With his keynote address he bolsters his audience up to take matters into their own hands and not accepting given conditions. He understands to inspire human beings and to deliver valuable impacts.
Learn at his example, how you can master a situation if your are apparently with your back to the wall. Have a good take-up of his messages to reach really big personal or company targets.
The speech touches every human being and gives hope, because what he did, can be done by everybody.

The keynote address is about

  • setting professionally big targets &
  • reaching them surely

as well as

  • health prevention,
  • resilience &
  • anti-burn-out.


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